What‘s the minimum order quantity?

No minimum order quantity is required.

Can I change or add to my order?

In case you have added to your cart but have not paid yet, then your order is not being processed yet. Therefore changing it is possible. However, if you have already paid for your order, it is automatically processed and no further changes can be made. Therefore, you have to create a new order and pay for it separately.

I have ordered today. Will I receive my order tomorrow?

Order is being processed once the Seller receives the payment from the Client. If you have paid for your purchase until 11 a.m., your order will be sent off the same day. In Lithuania, you will receive your order in 1-3 working days.

Do you deliver your goods abroad?

Yes, we do deliver goods abroad. However, please contact us for deliveries abroad in advance through the given e-mails: info@bitynoausteja.lt

Are you following hygienic guidelines while extracting the honey?

Yes, all the guidelines provided by State Food and Veterinary Services (SFVS) are followed while extracting the honey. The guidelines are such as: -Equipment used for the extraction of the honey should be made from food-friendly stainless steel. -All the workers are required to wear appropriate gloves, hats and masks. -The honey must be processed in the SFVS certified environment.